Google AdSense Illustration

Google AdSense

Make Money on the web without selling anything!

  • Google Sites! Free space on the web! Sign up for some space on the web via Google Sites (or another web host is you choose. Google Sites offers space on the web for free!) Search for Google Sites.

  • Start creating your site. It's easy. Google shows you how.

  • Write about a topic that appeals to you. Keep in mind, to make money on the web, you need a lot of traffic - you need people to come to your site. So, pick a topic that not only interests you, but might interest a great many other people.

  • Once you have some pages written, Take the Google AdSense Tour.  It tells you everything you need to know about the FREE Google AdSense program.

  • Then (and only then), sign up for the Free Google AdSense program. If you are approved, Google will assign you a code. You place that code on your webpages. (Google has many videos and help pages to show you how. It's easy, really!) And that's it. Google does everything else!

  • Add ads to your site. Google automatically matches ads that fit your content. Additionally, you have quite a bit of control over the ads. You can block whole categories as well as individual companies.

  • If you do not have internet access, check with your local library. Many offer free access at the library. If they don't, they usually know who does.